Nora Fleming is a niche home goods B2C e-commerce site providing collectable figurines used to bring character and fun to serving plates, bowls and platters. It is a fun and lively brand headed up by their CEO Nora Fleming herself. They wanted to refresh the site’s look and feel to be more in line with the brand. They also wanted to increase customer engagement. I was provided with persona and SEO research as a starting point. Once I handed off the site to dev, I would then QA for front end fixes.

my role

Conduct design and competitor research. Provide a high fidelity prototype that is fully designed that would reflect their brand and bring the website up to date. I would also need to provide layouts for desktop, tablet and phone sizes. Once in dev, I would QA the site for front end fixes.


  1. update the site look and feel to bring it inline with the brand

  2. modernize the site

  3. provide more areas for customer engagement

  4. iterate prototype based on feedback

  5. create a working prototype for review and dev


look & feel

I was provided with a few print pieces, some stylized photography, and their current logo. Nora Fleming has a warm and inviting feel and I wanted that to be reflected in the website. The original site had harsh, saturated color overlays on the homepage that I felt were too uninviting. I choose to use pastel pinks and blues as background colors to give it that playful, cute look. I wanted to use as much stylized photography as I could to show off the personality of the brand. Their print pieces used a lot of dotted lines and I wanted to carry that over to the site as well. I wanted the overall feel of the site to be similar to a yummy cupcake.



Originally, the site was dated, didn’t really reflect the brand, and was a little plain. I brought in bigger imagery and small animations on scroll, and condensed the nav to create a better mobile experience. I also organized the navigation a little to reduce redundancy and increase clarity.


customer engagement

The first thing I did was create a CTA on the homepage hero. Giving the user somewhere to go is always helpful. I also added a left hand product filter list on the product catalog to make sorting and discovery of products much easier.

To increase customer loyalty and sharing, I designed a user generated Story Blog area for customers to share their experience with Nora Fleming products. The Stories will be reviewed by people at Nora Fleming, then posted live.


usability testing

Nora Fleming provided feedback from her team based on the prototypes. I took their responses and adjusted the design and user flow accordingly. The team responded very positively to the look and feel of the site, but had a few questions about specific UX choices. Nora Fleming wanted to place more emphasis on the Create a Story button/banner and needed areas to place policy text next to the submit button. Overall, it was a joy working with this client.



I produced a high fidelity, fully designed working prototype of the site. The designs were completed on-time and approved by Nora Fleming, with one round of review with very few corrections. I used Adobe XD to produce the prototype and included a desktop, tablet and phone sizes for each of the pages on the site.