Strategy & Concept

The goal of this UI dashboard design was to create a page where all the web stats of a particular pilixo user could be seen.

The dashboard had to be both user friendly to the administrator and allow for in-depth analysis. Overall stats, analytics, and alerts for the user were the neccessary components for the dashboard. Administrators also needed to be able to search by date. A flexible display with a modern sensibility and an overall ease of use are the key aspects to this design.

Action & Execution

Having a clean display of the most important stats up top was essential to convey what was happening at a glance with the user. In order for the dashboard to be flexible, each section has modules that can be accessed through a gear icon in the top right corner of the section. There is a simple drop-down menu with checkboxes to show which modeules are available for each section.

Each individual module would also need to be flexible. You can access a dialog box for each module by clicking the modules gear icon that would popup a simple dialog box with customization choices.

In the top stats section there is a calendar picker and date range to narrow your information search.