Strategy & Concept

Starting out it was obvious the brand needed a revamp. Too much of the imagery was dark and negative. We were looking to bring a brighter, more sophisticated look to the brand.

The website design had major readability and scanability problems that needed to be addressed.

Action & Execution

The biggest step was to get a navagtion in place that was simple to use and worked on all browser sizes.

We reimagined the layouts with a critical eye to produce a user flow that worked both for the client and the customer. Bringing in larger imagery, clearer text applications and removing contrast readability issues.


Overall I wanted the look of the brand to feel modern, light and fast to reflect the brand's technology. The pallete and the designs were inspired from sci-fi and high end & high performing consumer products. I love the white field with the red accent that gives power to the object.

With the color pallete originally being very dark, we needed to flip the values around to acheive the desired effect. The reds and grays of the original pallette were updated to more friendly colors.

The original logo was very asymetrical and created balance issues with most layouts. So we removed the "A" style from the logo and kept the logotype creating a much stronger look.

All the iconography needed to be updated to reflect the new styles and we incorporated a flat material look.